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Number One Planning Mistake to Avoid

Whether it be your retirement plan or your insurance plan, there is real value in regular reviews. It is always a worthwhile and productive practice. Things change in our lives and we consistently underestimate the rate of change. By committing to regular reviews, our plans will be better and we increase the chances of learning about better strategies and products.

When it comes to life insurance, it seems counter-intuitive that we can pay lower premiums at older ages. As a result, too many people question their ability to improve their coverage. In reality however, life insurance rates have been steadily falling because of technology and innovation in many fields such as medicine and pharmacology. Bottom line is that life expectancy is improving.

The results are lower cost and better policies.

Not only are more people living longer, more people are living to life expectancy too. Improvements in cancer detection and treatment, heart disease, diabetes and drug therapies are all factors proving to let insurance companies lower premiums on new policies, for new customers.  

Think of cardiac stents, organ transplants, cholesterol lowering drugs, hip and knee replacements. Each one is having a major impact on life expectancy which means you may be older but you can pay less for the same amount of life insurance you bought before these factors were used in pricing. 

If you are in similar health as you were when you last purchased life insurance, chances are good that you will do better, meaning more coverage for the same premiums, lower premiums for the same amount of insurance or better policies with better features. ted bernstein, ted bernstein retirement planning, ted bernstein insurance, ted bernstein boca raton, boca raton life insurance, ted bernstein life cycle financial planners, life cycle planners

Better Policies With Better Features.

1. Instead of a lump-sum payout to your beneficiaries, you can now choose to have the policy proceeds paid in equal guaranteed payments protecting your beneficiaries from investment and mismanagement risk of the proceeds? At the same time, premiums for the Installment Payout Option can be as much as 40% lower.
2. Does your existing life insurance policy have Living Benefits allowing you to tap the face amount of the policy when you have a critical or chronic health event? More than 90% of people own life insurance that does not include Living Benefits. For NO EXTRA PREMIUM, a new policy will let you take a lump sum advance for a health crisis.  
3. For people with permanent life insurance, you can purchase life insurance without commissions. The policy is built without compensation to the agent which allows it to perform better, especially on a net cost basis. Instead of commissions, the life insurance professional is paid a disclosed, transparent fee that is typically much less that commissions earned for a similar policy with built in commissions.
When it comes to your retirement plan, we recommend an annual meeting to review goals and objectives. The stock market is no place for individual investors to be with their retirement assets. By using indexed funds, you can take advantage of the market with NO PRINCIPAL RISK, 0% is guaranteed to be the floor. Longevity annuities with income guarantees should be considered for your retirement assets.

Are you correctly insured? From my experience, most people are unaware of these innovations and they will benefit greatly from consistent monitoring.

Contact Us today to arrange a meeting or a phone call to begin reviewing your existing plans - 561-988-8984.

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