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Term or Permanent Insurance? Which Should You Own? Watch out for the dangers of Term Insurance.
Do you want to provide a guaranteed, tax-free benefit for your family or business, regardless of how long you live? Then you should own Permanent Insurance.

The people selling term insurance rely on a misleading slogan "buy term and invest the difference".
The problem with this slogan is:

Nobody invests the difference!
If you want to protect your family for your entire life, a permanent policy is your only option. If you want a better return, look at permanent coverage. The net cost is much lower than term insurance.

The Dangers of Term, Look at the Math: A male 35 will pay $950 annually for $1,000,000 of term (for a female, a little less). The 10-year net cost of this policy is a LOSSOF $9500. Over 30 years, the policy will have a net loss of $28,500. The term policy will lapse at age 65 with no value. At 65, he has 20 more years to live, using today's projections. If the per…