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Guaranteed, Lifetime Income Annuity

Indexed annuities that are 100% liquid are important planning tools for retirement security and principal protection. The guaranteed, lifetime income from these contracts solves the nagging concern of longevity risk in retirement. The immediate liquidity ensures maximum flexibility. 
It is critical to understand the advantages of guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement versus traditional asset accumulation. 
Until recently, a primary retirement goal has been to build up assets in order to draw them down later. Professors at leading universities and retirement centers around the world are now urging retirees to re-think this conventional wisdom. Using the right annuities that guarantee liquidity from day one, you can have the best of both worlds.
A portfolio of stocks and bonds cannot provide a guaranteed income for life, with zero risk. An indexed annuity does exactly that.

The right annuity contract GUARANTEES you will never lose principal while receiving guaranteed, lifetime income. After too many market losses, retirees want to protect their personal retirement assets from any market loss and interest rate risk. At the same time, they want some upside when markets are up. 

I am not against assets in the markets but I am against putting your retirement assets in the stock market WITHOUT downside protection. Whenever we encounter a client without this protection, we ask one simple question: ‘What benefit are you getting from investing without it?’ Once they realize they can remain in the markets with DOWNSIDE PROTECTION, they look differently at indexed annuity contracts. 

Is your understanding of retirement assets different than this? Please contact me to arrange a complementary consultation. You can reach me at Life Cycle Planners, 561-869-4500 or Email Ted to arrange for a 1:1 consultation.

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Life Cycle Financial Planners works with individuals, families and businesses to help them with succession planning, wealth transfer strategies and asset protection. We specialize in fixed indexed annuities for creating guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.
Contact Ted Bernstein at 561-869-4500.