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Term or Permanent Insurance? Which Should You Own? Watch out for the dangers of Term Insurance.
Do you want to provide a guaranteed, tax-free benefit for your family or business, regardless of how long you live? Then you should own Permanent Insurance.

The people selling term insurance rely on a misleading slogan "buy term and invest the difference".
The problem with this slogan is:

Nobody invests the difference!
If you want to protect your family for your entire life, a permanent policy is your only option. If you want a better return, look at permanent coverage. The net cost is much lower than term insurance.

The Dangers of Term, Look at the Math: A male 35 will pay $950 annually for $1,000,000 of term (for a female, a little less). The 10-year net cost of this policy is a LOSSOF $9500. Over 30 years, the policy will have a net loss of $28,500. The term policy will lapse at age 65 with no value. At 65, he has 20 more years to live, using today's projections. If the per…

Guaranteed, Lifetime Income Annuity

Indexed annuities that are 100% liquid are important planning tools for retirement security and principal protection. The guaranteed, lifetime income from these contracts solves the nagging concern of longevity risk in retirement. The immediate liquidity ensures maximum flexibility. 
It is critical to understand the advantages of guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement versus traditional asset accumulation. 
Until recently, a primary retirement goal has been to build up assets in order to draw them down later. Professors at leading universities and retirement centers around the world are now urging retirees to re-think this conventional wisdom. Using the right annuities that guarantee liquidity from day one, you can have the best of both worlds.A portfolio of stocks and bonds cannot provide a guaranteed income for life, with zero risk. An indexed annuity does exactly that.

The right annuity contract GUARANTEES you will never lose principal while receiving guaranteed, lifetime income. A…