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Installment Life Insurance Option - From Ted Bernstein

The Life Insurance Installment Option from Ted Bernstein

You can save up to 40% per year on term insurance or permanent life insurance!

Now that life insurance buyers can choose an Installment Option to determine how the proceeds of their life insurance policy are paid to their beneficiaries, the life insurance industry is experiencing historic change.  Until now, there was only one option available – a Lump-Sum.  Premiums can be as much as 40% less for the same amount of insurance with a lump-sum death benefit option.  Or you can choose to purchase up to 50% more death benefit!

According to industry statistics, lump-sum death benefit payments are exhausted in less than 3 years.


The “Installment Life Option” allows the policy owner, at the point of purchase, to choose how many years to defer the payments to your beneficiaries.  

Win –Win: You can purchase up to 40% more life insurance for the same premium as a lump-sum payout.  By choosing a gre…