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Ted Bernstein - Retirement Planning & Life Insurance Planning

Ted Bernstein, Retirement Planning

Boca Raton, Florida: 

Ted Bernstein on Insurance & Retirement Issues:

The percentage of Americans with outdated life insurance coverage has reached historic lows, despite the fact that more Americans than ever have better access to financial information than ever before. Below, Ted discusses game changing strategies that now turn your life insurance into an emergency health savings fund, a guaranteed annuity payout to protect your heirs and a tax deferred accumulation tool with no limitations on how much you can contribute.

Consumer advocate Ted Bernstein has been raising awareness for 30 years about consumer focused life and annuity products. Some recent changes he's advocating for are making life insurance more affordable, more accessible, and more relevant. Regarding annuities, Ted has pledged to change their perception. 

"Today's indexed annuities are among the most creative, flexible and useful tools you will find within the financia…

The Installment Payout Option

As the innovator of the Installment Life Insurance concept, Ted Bernstein has been a consistent innovator in the life insurance industry, first introducing “no-load” life insurance in the mid 1980’s.  Now representing several leading U.S. life insurance companies, he has introduced the “Installment Life Insurance” platform to the insurance industry and to the life insurance buying marketplace.  According to Mr. Bernstein, “this is the most important development in the life insurance industry since Universal Life”.  Until now, a lump-sum payout of the policy proceeds has been the only option available to the life insurance buyer.  Considering the seismic events in the financial world over the past several years, “there has been a flight to guarantees and pre-determined outcomes”, offers Mr. Bernstein.  The “Installment Life Option” puts the power of choice where it belongs, with the insured.  Life Insurance Concepts is making sure every American policy owner is aware of the “Installme…