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The Term Insurance Failure

Are you worried about your existing term life insurance policy that may be expiring without good options?  Maybe you still need this coverage for your family or business but the premiums will be much higher for a new policy? You’re older and your health may not be the same, or both. If you are unable to change your term policy into something more permanent and you are concerned about where you go from here, you're not alone. Millions of people in their 50’s and 60’s still need and want coverage but they feel trapped.
If you are facing any of these issues, there are solutions you should consider. Time is a factor, especially when it comes to conversion options that may be expiring. There is definitely a sense of urgency for many reasons. The sooner you speak with a professional, the better off you should be. Flexibility and options are important intangibles when selecting the right insurance policy.
Because we don't know how life will play out, it is impossible to "time&quo…
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Estate Tax and Life Insurance

"Will the estate tax increase again or go away completely?"
"Will the exemption of $11 Million per person go back to $2.5 Million?"
These are the most common questions I am asked about how to plan for the impact of estate taxes in the future. There is no certainty and that can be frustrating. The estate tax and the exemption levels become part of the political dialogue and both have been whipsawed over the years.

There are some interesting strategies to consider that make sense under any scenario. Succession planning is most successful when you take advantage of maximum transfer amounts without taxation.

Life Cycle Financial Planners works with individuals, families and businesses to help them with succession planning, wealth transfer strategies and asset protection. We specialize in fixed indexed annuities for creating guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.
Contact Ted Bernstein at 561-869-4500.
Term or Permanent Insurance? Which Should You Own? Watch out for the dangers of Term Insurance.
Do you want to provide a guaranteed, tax-free benefit for your family or business, regardless of how long you live? Then you should own Permanent Insurance.

The people selling term insurance rely on a misleading slogan "buy term and invest the difference".
The problem with this slogan is:

Nobody invests the difference!
If you want to protect your family for your entire life, a permanent policy is your only option. If you want a better return, look at permanent coverage. The net cost is much lower than term insurance.

The Dangers of Term, Look at the Math: A male 35 will pay $950 annually for $1,000,000 of term (for a female, a little less). The 10-year net cost of this policy is a LOSSOF $9500. Over 30 years, the policy will have a net loss of $28,500. The term policy will lapse at age 65 with no value. At 65, he has 20 more years to live, using today's projections. If the per…

Guaranteed, Lifetime Income Annuity

Indexed annuities that are 100% liquid are important planning tools for retirement security and principal protection. The guaranteed, lifetime income from these contracts solves the nagging concern of longevity risk in retirement. The immediate liquidity ensures maximum flexibility. 
It is critical to understand the advantages of guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement versus traditional asset accumulation. 
Until recently, a primary retirement goal has been to build up assets in order to draw them down later. Professors at leading universities and retirement centers around the world are now urging retirees to re-think this conventional wisdom. Using the right annuities that guarantee liquidity from day one, you can have the best of both worlds.A portfolio of stocks and bonds cannot provide a guaranteed income for life, with zero risk. An indexed annuity does exactly that.

The right annuity contract GUARANTEES you will never lose principal while receiving guaranteed, lifetime income. A…

10 Longevity Tips in Retirement Begin With Guaranteed Lifetime Income

1. Time passes faster every day. Don't make it worse by rushing and stressing over time. Where are you going?

2. Take care of your body so it will take care of you later. Don't let your world get smaller each day - stay fit and mobile.

3. Intimacy and friendships remain important regardless of where you are on the life cycle spectrum.

4. Healthy relationships are the most important thing in your life. Steve Jobs at end of life: While the above-quoted essay does not represent either Steve Jobs' final words nor remarks he made (in either oral or written form) at any time during his life, his biographer Walter Isaacson did record Jobs' expressing regret at the end of his life about how he raised his children:"I wanted my kids to know me," Mr Isaacson recalled Mr Jobs saying, in a posthumous tribute the biographer wrote for Time magazine. "I wasn't always there for them, and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did."

"He was very human…

What Is Your Number? Nest Egg Threats...

The Cato Institute is a non-partisan think tank that is nationally recognized for its leadership in the issues of individual taxation, limited government and more.

Based on your current retirement plan built for today, do you know the age at which you will run out of gas, the age at which you will have outlived your assets?  If there is another recession or financial crisis, would your number be different? Can you afford another loss of principal?
Is your nest egg safe?  Learn about the threats to your nest egg such as: InflationMarket RiskLongevity Risk
The best retirement plan guarantees no principal loss and guaranteed, lifetime income to cover your lifestyle.  I believe in a balanced plan with great flexibility and one that also includes sufficient amounts of liquidity for the unexpected.  
Is your retirement plan structured this way? Does it provide you with enough guaranteed lifetime income that is not vulnerable to loss, regardless of ma…

Installment Life Insurance Option - From Ted Bernstein

The Life Insurance Installment Option from Ted Bernstein

You can save up to 40% per year on term insurance or permanent life insurance!

Now that life insurance buyers can choose an Installment Option to determine how the proceeds of their life insurance policy are paid to their beneficiaries, the life insurance industry is experiencing historic change.  Until now, there was only one option available – a Lump-Sum.  Premiums can be as much as 40% less for the same amount of insurance with a lump-sum death benefit option.  Or you can choose to purchase up to 50% more death benefit!

According to industry statistics, lump-sum death benefit payments are exhausted in less than 3 years.


The “Installment Life Option” allows the policy owner, at the point of purchase, to choose how many years to defer the payments to your beneficiaries.  

Win –Win: You can purchase up to 40% more life insurance for the same premium as a lump-sum payout.  By choosing a gre…