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Fixed Indexed Annuity Will Create Secure Retirement.

Can individual investors beat income annuities?

No. As we approach retirement, we should create guaranteed, lifetime income streams that are protected from loss, guaranteed to never go down – not correlated to the stock market or economic conditions? Individual investors or money managers cannot GUARANTEE zero losses and provide guaranteed income for as long as you live.

Call me today and let me show you how to purchase a guaranteed income annuity that is 100% liquid! At any time, you can terminate the plan and get a full refund of premium*. Don't buy an annuity without calling me first. Surrender charges in some annuities can be severe. The contracts we recommend guarantee you will NEVER lose principal regardless of stock market or economic conditions.

As Life Cycle Financial Planners, we work every day to help our clients with that decision. We are impartial, have no ax to grind and we are not influenced by financial rewards or incentives . Our job is to analyze all the options, all the available information and all of the strategies at your disposal. To best guide us, we rely in large part, on the conclusions from Academia.  The retirement research centers at Stanford, Harvard, Yale and University of Chicago are only a few of the fantastic resources available in the U.S. The best retirement solutions are being studied all over the world - in London, Sydney, Toronto and Israel – all doing great work and publishing white papers about security in retirement. Study after study is conclusive, affirming several key beliefs:

1. Longevity Risk is the #1 threat to financial stability in retirement.
2. Too many people approaching retirement or those currently in retirement are too heavily invested in risky assets.
3. Specially designed longevity annuities should be part of most retirement plans.
4. Individual investors cannot outperform a longevity annuity for guaranteed lifetime income.
5. Having a plan for retirement increases the chances for a better retirement.                                                                                                                               
  What do you think?

This article does a great job taking on this very important question. CLICK HERE to read the complete article from I have included a few relevant excerpts from the article entitled, “The world’s most reviled financial product may save your retirement”:

“But why not just manage your retirement savings yourself? Invest unwisely or spend too freely, and the money might run out. To be prudent, it’s best to budget for the possibility of living beyond your life expectancy... The odds are that you’ll have less money to spend than an annuity would get you… says Roger Ferguson, a former Federal Reserve governor and current CEO of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA). Ferguson hopes to redeem annuities. The organization’s status and clientele has made it a thought leader on retirement products intended to serve the public good. When Ferguson says he thinks annuities are Americans’ best shot at a secure retirement, it is worth hearing him out.”

One of the key points we teach during our Private Pension educational events is the meaning of ROI in retirement. RELIABLITY OF INCOME is far more important than return on investment, in retirement! TIAA’s Roger Ferguson goes on to say:
“The rise of the 401(k) got people thinking about asset accumulation instead of lifetime income,”. He thinks this is a misguided approach and I cannot agree more. Ferguson says, “It’s a chicken and egg problem: Unfortunately, people have negative opinions…[but]buying an annuity, at least to cover the basic expenses that arise during retirement, will become a routine, uncontroversial decision.”

ROI – Reliability of Income, not Return on investment

As individual investors, we simply cannot outperform or out-GUARANTEE the performance of and the security of a Longevity Annuity. To learn more, please contact me. I will prepare a customized analysis for you and share my thoughts and my rationale for why we own these contracts in our retirement plan.fixed indexed annuity, secure retirement, ted bernstein retirement, ted bernstein life cycle planners, ted bernstein insurance, ted bernstein boca raton, ted bernstein life insurance concepts
y risk,
Email me, Ted Bernstein in Boca Raton, and I will send you a complimentary whitepaper from one of the leading retirement research centers. Or call me at 561-988-8984.

*Minus any disclosed contract fees + investment income.

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